About Me

There's nothing quite like a hot, delectable, sometimes naughty read to get your heart pumping and that amazing tingling in you tummy. I adore that feeling. I'm lucky enough to get that sensation regularly from my hunk of a man, yet adding to the sexy need by allowing myself to swept away in sex, love and a whole lot of lust is a pretty amazing experience. It's one I revel in.

Being swept away in ecstasy is an amazing thing. It can leave you smiling and happy, and maybe even desperate for more. That's where my short erotic and longer erotic romance pieces come in. They're a chance to allow you to get caught up in the moment, perhaps a chance to get you happily in the mood, as well as giving you a moment of escapism. Whatever the reason for wanting the pleasure of erotic in your life, be sure to enjoy every moment.

Press Release Bio

Jodie spends her days on the Queensland Coast, Australia, with her head tucked in a book and her fingers hard at work on her laptop.

Enjoying her quiet family life with her husband and son, Jodie finds pleasure in giving readers a taste of the naughty and the erotic.

You can reach Jodie on her Facebook page.

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